Soulsleeve 0,6Lt - Ισοθερμικό κάλυμμα φελλού με άσπρο καουτσούκ

Κωδικός : 100945
Κατασκευαστής : SOULBOTTLES


Product information "soulsleeve 0,6l, white ribbons"
The soulbottle, which is already so familiar to you, gets a protection from cork, so that your soulmate accompanies you safely also during your nature and big city expeditions. The two halves of fair Portuguese cork are held together with two natural rubber bands in white.
Attention: Delivery without soulbottle. Only suitable for 0,6l soulbottle.

Two-piece cover fair cork from Portugal
Ribbons natural rubber

19,90 €

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